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Whisky at Achray House

No visit to Achray House is complete without a dram of malt whisky.

Since its earliest reference in The Scottish Exchequer Rolls for 1494 (eight bolls of malt to Friar John Cor), whisky has been synonymous with Scotland.

Whilst blended whiskies are popular the world over, it is the single malts (a pure malted barley whisky from one distillery) which are the finest.

At Achray House as well as offering a range of single malts from all of the main distilling regions of Scotland we also stock premium single malts, as well as a selection of specialist rare single malts from limited edition bottlings, including a number from distilleries no longer in production.

For the whisky novice and expert alike, we offer Whisky Journeys. Each is a tasting of three malt whiskies chosen to highlight and contrast their key characteristics.

Why not get in the mood by browsing our malt whisky list.