Some interesting facts about the Old Achray House Hotel

The exact origin of the name, Achray House, is unknown. Built as a stately country home in the late 1800’s, it was known as Victoria Cottage for a short while, in honor of Queen Victoria who commented on the building when passing St Fillans en route to the Highlands, but not long after ‘Achray House’ was adopted. The picture on the right dates to 1895, when the Achray House’s main section got rebuilt.

In the 1900’s Achray House became a guest house and later on a hotel. A recent guest remembered older relations visiting the Achray House for the summer holiday decades ago, all the way from Crieff, with their beloved cow in tow!

The original building was extended in the 1990’s, adding a wing, conservatory restaurant, and lodges. Over the past 18 months we modernized rooms and public areas, as well as the lodges, but the hotel’s original features and country-manor feel remains, while stressing modern comfort. Loch Earn continues to be a magic ingredient in the Achray House charm.

St Fillans itself is rich in history and mythology. The village was named after a 7th century Irish saint who  established the original chapel. St Fillans is also linked to some Scottish military victories. One of Scotland’s famous early kings died at a castle outside St Fillans, originally a frontier post.

Various historic events, some gruesome, some romantic, are recounted in old village records. One of the best-known was the massacre of Clan Neish on their family island, remnants of which are still visible in Loch Earn, right in front of the hotel.