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St Fillans on Loch Earn
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St. Fillan     Neish Island     St. Fillans Chapel     Dundurn Hill

The local area around St Fillans is rich in history and mythology, stretching back over one thousand years.

The village itself is named after a seventh century Irish saint whose relics are reputed to have inspired one of the greatest Scottish military victories. You can read about St. Fillan, and about the chapel founded by him, associated with both gruesome and romantic historic events.

One of the most well known incidents that took place in the area was the massacre of the Clan Neish, on their island home opposite the hotel. You can read about this by clicking here.

St Fillans was also home to a castle that was in its time a frontier post, and the place of the death of one of Scotland's famous early kings. Click here to read its history and find out how to visit the hill it stood on.