One of the wines that appears most often in our wine pairings is a Chardonnay from San Marzano. It complements so many of our dishes on the tasting menu really well. Here's a little bit more on it from Leanne:

San Marzano has been one of my favourite Italian producers for quite some time now, if you have had the pleasure of sampling any of their wines you will understand why. Their portfolio is very impressive and this beautiful “Edda”, or “she” in Salento terms is truly a unique wine.

Made primarily from chardonnay grapes and with some slight aging in oak barrels, this is a chardonnay unlike most chardonnays. I challenge the “ABC brigade” to try this and not fall in love with it! Whilst I would say this is quite a complex wine, it is also very refined. As the producer would say she is the feminine and sensual soul of San Marzano. And that shows in the glass. 

This is a beautiful straw yellow in the glass, a nice almost golden colour while the nose gives a herbaceous rosemary scent. But the flavour! Wow! Sun ripened stone fruits combined with that lovely warm vanilla feel from the oak and all balanced perfectly. When I mention the oak again I have to say it is not at all heavy, it is very subtle and warm but I think it really does bring everything together in a very elegant and unique way. The perfection this wine has to match with fine food is incredible. It has a fine balanced acidity and the complexity from the aging process really comes alive when our chef works his magic. The combination is outstanding. Fine wine and fine dining at its absolute best.